Townhomes (sometimes spelled town homes) and row homes are convenient for those who are looking to downsize from a large single-family home or expand their space from a cramped condo. Because of the way townhomes are built, there are some of the most common townhome inspection issues inspection points you need to look out for when purchasing.

As Maryland home inspectors, we see plenty of issues with townhouses and row homes that buyers commonly overlook. Let us help avoid disappointment or delays before you buy or sell your townhome by identifying these common townhome inspection issues. 

Common townhome inspection issues (photo: Pixabay)

Issue #1 – Exterior Maintenance

It’s easy to keep your yard in great shape when neighbors take good care of their yards consistently as well. However, if your neighbor’s yard is overrun with weeds, there is little you can do to prevent them from spreading to your own yard. This can add a lot of extra lawn maintenance to your weekly chore list.

Issue #2 – Roofs

Townhouses and row homes share a common roof with neighboring units, which can cause problems for new homeowners who are unaware of the condition of the roofs connected to their own. Although your roof’s inspection can have positive results, a mildew-ridden or pest-infested neighboring roof can easily spread these problems to yours.

Town Home Inspection Issue #3 – Decks

In many townhome communities, neighboring decks are built so that they are connected. It is all too common to overlook rot or other deck damage on the areas where your deck joins your neighbors’. It’s important to have these spots checked thoroughly by your inspector so you know what parts of the deck may need repairs before you purchase the home.

Issue #4 – Attics

Sharing walls with neighboring homes also means that the attics are right next to one another. Attics are inviting to insects, birds, and rodents looking for a dark, warm place to call home. If pests are living in your neighbor’s attic, they can easily chew and claw their way through the walls or insulation into your attic as well.

Town Home Inspection Issue #5 – Foundation

The foundation of your townhome may also be shared with neighboring units, making it yet another key inspection point before you purchase. If you are not able to inspect the foundation of the neighboring homes, speak with the HOA to determine when the foundation was last inspected and get a report of the condition it was found to be in.

This article addresses some of the maintenance costs and responsibilities associated with owning a townhome

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