I normally try to keep this blog related to home inspections, but this post is a business owner’s perspective on helping those businesses that were devastated in the Ellicott City flood this past summer. Thanks to monumental efforts by the owners, volunteers and the government, the businesses are moving forward with the cleanup and restoration of their buildings; hopefully they will soon be open for business. I am reminded that for the owners, the building is not their business. The building is just a tool; the real business is the commerce that takes place in the building. Thankfully, for some of the businesses that commerce is able to continue even though they have been dislodged from their buildings. We can’t all help them rebuild, but we can all support the businesses by purchasing their services and products.

I want to tell you about one such business that is owned and operated by friends of mine: Shoemaker Country. Their retail took place on the first floor of their building which was wiped out in the flood. The building is being repaired and they hope to be back in for the holidays, but Mike Shoemaker let me know this week that they are still open for business – taking orders for furnishings of all kinds and custom wood working. I have two special tables in my house that Shoemaker Country made for me. One is a 42-inch diameter table made from an oak tree that died on my property, and the other is made from the 100-year-old floor joists that were removed from my farm house during a major remodel. If you have an idea, they can make it a reality. They do beautiful work. I also have several other furnishings including lamps, homemade decorative signs and even coffee mugs. Check out their website or give them a call for your project: Your purchases at this critical time can help the businesses of Ellicott City recover more quickly.

It is important that we keep these businesses in mind even when the media fades and we start to hear other news. A good way to do this is to follow along on social media to get updates directly from business owners! Even if you do not need their services right now, you may have friends or family who would love to work with the businesses in Old Ellicott City. Spread the word!

Thanks for reading, and blessings to all the shops and owners in Old Ellicott City.

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This table was made from floor joists from my 100-year-old farm house
This table was made from the cross-section of a felled oak tree on my property