When you’re buying a new home, you don’t typically think about all the things that can start a fire. However, you should have that in the back of your mind. Not all homes come completely fire-hazard-free, and it’s important to know what to look at in a potential new home to determine if there is, in fact, a fire hazard. It’s always a good idea to hire someone who does home inspections in Maryland to determine if your home is a fire hazard or not. In the mean time, we’re going to look at different fire hazards around the house and signs that something might just be ready to catch fire.

Safety First

When you’re looking at a house for the first time, you might just be looking at the space and layout of the house. What you should really be looking for, are potential fire hazards that could endanger you and your family. For starters, make sure the wiring in the house isn’t out of date. If an electrical socket cannot easily hold a plug or is loose, it’s time to replace it before it bursts in to flames. On the same note, faulty wiring can cause a fire, even if it’s new. Check every electrical outlet in the house to make sure there is no charring or discoloration that may have been an electrical socket fire.

Older appliances that are still installed in the house, like an old dryer or oven, are also a fire hazard. If an appliance is too old, it may not function properly, and using it may result in flames which could ruin your house.

Asbestos and the fuse box are two of the most obvious things people looking for a house think about. Asbestos was used in older houses to prevent fires, but if it does catch fire, the chemicals it releases in to the air can put you and your family in physical danger. A faulty fuse box is also a huge fire hazard, hitting one wrong switch could result in flames.

Something is Wrong

You might not realize something is wrong in your new home until something happens. To prevent that, you should know the signs that something is wrong. If you keep smelling something burning, but can’t find the source, you need to check all of your outlets and switches to make sure your wiring isn’t faulty. On the same note, if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, you might want to replace it or get it checked out by a professional who can help you fix it. Other signs something may be wrong are an unclean kitchen, uncertified appliances, lint build up in the dryer exhaust, or an unclean chimney or fireplace.

Fighting Back at Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are around every corner, and you should always keep an eye out for them. To prevent any fires from happening in your home when you thought you were safe, get your house inspected in Maryland by Highland Homes Inspections. We’ll make sure your new home is ready to live in, not ready to catch fire.