Lead-Based Paint Testing

Lead Testing

It has been well known for some time that lead can cause serious developmental deficits in young children. While children and adults can both be affected, children up to 6 years old are at highest risk for mental retardation, behavioral disturbances and brain damage through the ingestion of lead paint dust that may be present in window sills, on floors and at doorways.

Lead-based paints were banned in the US in 1978, so homes built prior to that time most likely have paint that contain lead.

There are several methods of testing for lead in paint, but we use the dust wipe sampling method. This involves the following steps: Gathering samples using dust wipes in certain high-risk areas, such as window sills, door frames, etc.; sending these swabs to the laboratory for analysis; and finally, receiving a detailed report for that property. We then send the report directly to you, our customer.

Rental Properties

Landlords are required to register rental properties built prior to 1978 with the MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment). Each time a new lease is signed, the property owner must test for the presence of lead or gain a Lead Free certificate and notify the tenant. As part of the testing process, Highland Home Inspections will file all necessary paperwork with the state of Maryland.


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