What To Expect From A Highland Home Inspection

A home inspection can last from two-and-a-half to four hours. We encourage our clients to follow the inspector to learn how the house works and how to take care of it, noting any defects. Ask questions, measure windows and walls, walk the floor plan, and imagine your belongings in the house. Envision your family in the new space, the yard, and the neighborhood.

Thorough Observations

maryland home inspection
All mechanical and structural systems are carefully and thoroughly inspected. We look at the interior and exterior, foundation to roof, and walk the roof if it is safe and accessible. Heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems are operated and evaluated. The inspection covers appliances, fixtures, doors and windows, and fireplaces and chimneys. If we observe any defects, we make every effort to track down the cause and provide recommendations for correction. Proper diagnostics require an understanding of a home’s many systems, usage of diagnostic test equipment, and knowledge of the latest construction techniques and equipment.

Our inspectors verbally report observations and recommendations to you, but you will also receive a thorough report within 24 hours of the inspection. There is no need for you to remember everything we say; it’s all written down. Click here to see a sample report. Our inspectors have excellent communication skills and will take time to explain issues as the inspection proceeds. Inspectors and office personnel are available to answer any questions you may have after receiving the report. Always feel free to ask us questions about your home!

We love — and use — high tech tools and gadgets as much as anyone. As useful as they are, though, the most valuable tools are knowledge, experience, carefulness and a flashlight. Houses and their systems and the problems that are found are normally simple enough to figure out by observation (hence the flashlight). Tools such as moisture meters, clip on ammeters, volt meters, gas detectors, etc. often confirm what we already know or suspect and are useful in helping clients understand the problem. To our arsenal of standard inspection equipment, we have added electronic radon and mold test equipment, and a blower door and combustion gas analyzer for energy audits.


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