Home Buyers

Pre-Purchase Inspections for an Existing Home (See What to Expect)
New Construction inspections: A three-phase inspection includes any or all of the following. We encourage buyers to attend!

Phase One: pre-backfill inspection of the foundation and drainage preparation.

Phase Two: systems evaluation before the drywall is installed, including the completed framing, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling components.

Phase Three: pre-settlement walk-through. Many new home buyers call our company again to complete the one-year walk-through. A computer generated report is provided by electronic mail or by fax.

Homeowners and Sellers

For homeowners and those preparing to sell, Highland Home Inspections also conducts Homeowners’ Maintenance Inspections or partial, targeted inspections. To protect your real estate investment, or prepare your house for sale, maintenance and occasional repairs are critical. Highland Home Inspections will conduct maintenance or partial inspections including:

Before and after a sub-contractor is called to make repairs.

  • Before, during, and after a remodeling project.
  • Following storm or disaster damage.

To identify the cause of one particular issue such as sick-house syndrome, wet basement, mold, radon, carbon monoxide or strange odors, cracks in the structure, roof leak, or other issues.
Reports or letters can be provided as needed.
Listing Inspections.


Almost all of our business comes by way of referral, either from realtors or previous clients. Realtors who refer to us on a regular basis tell us that they appreciate the thorough inspections we give on behalf of their clients. No matter which inspector conducts the inspection, the quality will be the same and the reports well written and complete. Many agents call us about problems they are experiencing in their home. We were honored to be called to inspect the new office suite for the Howard County Association of Realtors.


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