Important tip on saving money with your heating!

Do you have a heat pump? If so, turn the heat up and go outside to make sure the outdoor unit is running. You might think of it as the air conditioner, but it runs in the heating season too, if it’s a heat pump. You may not be aware that the outdoor unit is not running because the auxiliary heaters will keep the house warm and if we’re comfortable who goes looking for problems? The problem is, when your electric bills come, you might have a stroke – here’s why. If the outdoor unit is not working, the electric auxiliary heaters (some people call them backup or emergency heaters) will have to heat the house all by themselves and they are very expensive to operate. The problem is, you can go a whole month before the electric bill comes and you figure out there is a problem. Also, remember to keep the outdoor unit clear of snow, vegetation, and debris.

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