This is the second of a two-part series to help you plan your spring home maintenance checklist. You can read Part 1 here.

Not only does a well-maintained home look great, the maintenance you do now and in the seasons ahead will very likely result in more successful home inspection when you ultimately decide to sell your home. But until then, you’ll enjoy your home more, knowing that these important maintenance tasks are being done on a regular basis.

✅ Wash your windows 

It is a great feeling to be able to stand back and take a good long hard look through those clear glass windows that have been cleaned from the inside and outside. You wonder how they ever got so bad. And don’t forget to clean your screens too. If you are concerned about getting up on ladders or just do not do windows, there are many local companies who can help.

Check your screen doors and window screens

Screens are designed to keep bugs out and allow the breeze to flow through the house. They will not be doing their job very well if holes and tears exist. Checking for needed repairs when you wash your windows is a good time to evaluated them. Repair kits are readily available at most hardware and big box stores. Remember, even the smallest hole can allow more than air in the house.

✅ Touch up paint and stain

Winter is hard on wood surfaces. Neglected wood trim where water can get behind the paint will cause it to deteriorate quickly. The easiest way to extend the life of wood surfaces is to maintain the intended paint or sealant. If you are not much for hanging 25 ft up in the air to paint trim, hire a painter. Decks are another exterior structure that need maintained. A good stain or sealant applied every few years will help to extend the life and look of the surface.

✅ Touch up exterior furniture

While you have the paint and stain supplies out, you might want to touch up those wooden chairs and benches. A can of spray paint on those metal plant holders or chairs goes a long way to beautifying your yard. Make sure you wait until the temperature maintains a constant temperature above 55 degrees.

✅ Caulk

When you take a walk around your house, look at caulk around wood trim, siding, windows, and doors. Water infiltration, even a little bit over long periods of time can do a lot of damage. It is normal for caulk to dry out over time and is not made to last forever. If you see gaps, it may be time to cut out the old caulk and have replaced.

✅ AC Tune Up

It would be so disappointing to have that one warm day that you need the air conditioning working, that you find it is not working. Call a reputable HVAC company to inspect your system before it gets into the warm season. It is relatively inexpensive in this area to have it evaluated and repaired if necessary.


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