It’s January 2022 and Winter is here

Did you winterize your pressure washer?

Winter is in full swing here in Maryland bringing its typical ups and downs in temperature, precipitation, and overall unpredictability. Hopefully you completed all your Fall maintenance chores around the house including winterizing your pressure washer if you have one.

You finished cleaning everything up in the Fall and maybe used it up until Thanksgiving. You rolled your pressure washer into the shed, put a tarp over it or it is sitting in the garage. With temperatures now dipping below the freezing point of water, you may have a potential problem. That’s right! Picture this – in the Spring you get a nice day, you want to start Spring cleanup, you hook everything up and water sprays out everywhere but from the wand. YIKES! Is it too late to do anything?

Get your pressure washer into a warm location and let it warm up. Then gently disconnect all hoses. Next, install, according to manufacturer’s instructions, some antifreeze/lubricant made especially for pressure washers. This is typically available on Amazon or in big box hardware stores. This will force out any standing water and replaces it with antifreeze and lubricants. An alternative method is to connect your air compressor to the water inlet and “blow” out the standing water with air under high pressure.

If you just remembered (or just learned something new) take care of it now before you have to make an unexpected purchase in the Spring.

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